Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Jr Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Leger, Patricia Principal 902-876-3236
Reichheld, Lynn Vice Principal (20% Grade One) 902-876-3236
Spears, Debra Admin Assistant 902-876-3236

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Aidoo, Toria Music 902-876-3236
Boudreau, Peter Primary (French Immersion) / ALP (Early Literacy) 902-876-3236
Casey, Jocelyn Grade Two (French Immersion) 902-876-3236
Comeau, Jamie Grade One (French immersion) 902-876-3236
Flemming, Heather Resource (English) 902-876-3236
Gillis, Heather Primary / Reading Recovery 902-876-3236
Giuliani, Christina Grade One (French immersion) 902-876-3236
Healy Vihant, Irene Guidance 902-876-3236
Hickey, Alison Grade One/Two (French Immersion) 902-876-3236
Kelly, Denise Primary (English) 902-876-3236
Kraitzek, Paulette Grade Primary/One (English) 902-876-3236
Leader, Alma Grade One/Two (English) 902-876-3236
MacDonald, Melanie Primary (French Immersion) 902-876-3236
Myers, Sarah Learning Center 902-876-3236
Notman, Taryn Grade One (French immersion) 902-876-3236
O'Keefe, Jacquelyn Learning Center 902-876-3236
Paris, Sharon Grade Two (English) 902-876-3236
Pelley, Dawn Grade 2 English 50% 902-876-3236
Pye, Kaitlin Primary (French Immersion) 902-876-3236
Sampson, Kristen Primary (French Immersion) 902-876-3236
Sangster, Ali Grade One (English) 902-876-3236
Scattolon, Joan Grade Two (English) - 50% 902-876-3236
Sinclair, Carleigh Grade One (English) - 80% 902-876-3236
Snider, Michelle Grade Two (English) 902-876-3236
Spurrell, Sarah Primary (French Immersion) (currently on maternity leave) 902-876-3236
Stokes, Hilary Primary (French Immersion) -60% 902-876-3236
Summers, Katherine Primary (English) 902-876-3236
Terauds, Michael 50% Phys. Ed. 902-876-3236
Titus, Nadine Resource (French Immersion) 902-876-3236
Vallis, Rebecca Grade Two (French Immersion) 902-678-3236
Wilkin, Danielle Phys. Ed 902-876-3236
Young, Carol Primary (English) and Early Literacy 902-876-3236

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Boutilier, Vicky Cafeteria Manager 902-876-3236
Branton, Kim EPA 902-876-3236
Brooks, Derrick Student Support 902-876-3236
Cassell, Rachel EPA 902-876-3236
Cleveland, Karen Caretaker 902-876-3236
Frittenberg, Shannon EPA 902-876-3236
Gibson, Oswald (Ovid) Custodian 902-876-3236
Holder, Joy EPA 902-876-3236
Jefferson, Lila EPA 902-876-3236
Johnson, Amanda EPA 902-876-3236
Johnston, Cheryl EPA 902-876-3236
Martell, Hayley EPA 902-876-3236
Michalik, Tammy EPA 902-876-3236
Tufts, Tracy EPA 902-876-3236
Wilson, Gail Library Technician 902-876-3236