Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Jr Elementary


News from the Cafeteria

Welcome back!! The order procedures remain the same from last year.

  • You may pay online, with cash, or cheque (must be for $20.00 or more and made out to MC Food Service Solutions)

When ordering at the school:

  • Look over the menu with your child and check off the meals you would like. This can be done for a day, week, or the month. Send it in with your child accompanied by the payment by one of the three methods listed above.
  • Menus are sent out at the end of each month for the next month. They will also be posted here on the website (see attachments below).

When ordering on-line:

  • You must go to the following website to sign up as a lunch groupie. You will be directed to make payments in multiples of $50.00. You will need to print out the confirmation email and send it and the order to the cafeteria. The company will track your balance and notify you when the funds have run out.

Prices for Meals:

  • Feature meal and meal combos are $5.00 and include a small dessert.
  • Meal with milk is 40 cents more so the final cost is $5.40
  • Meal with juice is 75 cents extra so the final cost is $5.75
  • Meal with chocolate milk is $1.90 extra so the final cost is $6.90


We will not let any child go hungry so if your child has forgotten his/her lunch or forgotten their money please feel free to call Vickey at (902-876-4319) or the main office and they will connect you to her.

We highly encourage our primaries to wait until October to try ordering for the first time so they have time to adjust to being here at school.


We look forward to your business,

Vickey and MC Food Service Solutions