Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Jr Elementary

Parent Letter-Student Supplies Pick Up (Updated June 3, 2020)

Monday, May 26

Dear BLT Jr. Families,

By now, you have all received information that school will remain closed for the rest of the year. This letter will outline the process we need to follow to have parents collect their children’s belongings at school.  

Teachers will be packing up students’ belongings over the next few weeks. They will also continue to provide online teaching until June 5. Parents will be able to retrieve their child’s belongings on either June 9, 10, 11 or 12.  Please see below.

Below is the schedule of pick up times for each classroom and how belongings will be transferred to you.  If you cannot come during the scheduled time please let your child’s teacher know and we will arrange for an alternate time for pick up. Please come only during your designated time.

Work has started on our new playground. Yahoo!! You can only access the field side, front and side doors of our building.

You can drop off items that belong to the school (i.e. Library and classroom books) to the gym.

We will have pylons set up in the driveway directing you to the proper door. We will have markings on the pavement to highlight the expected 6 feet mark for social distancing. We will give identified lost and found items to teachers so they can give them to you when you drop by.

Please keep in mind that we need to keep the traffic moving and allow for social distancing. If you are waiting in line, remember the six feet distancing required. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!



Tuesday, June 9

1 Giuliani 11-3 pm :Ms. Giuliani will be in the main office. She will put your child’s belongings on a table outside the office window.


Wednesday, June 10

Pr. Kelly:9-12pm: Ms. Kelly will be in the main office.

Pr. MacDonald: 9-12pm: Mme MacDonald will meet you at her classroom window.

Pr. Summers: 12-3 pm: Ms. Summers will meet you at  the Gr.2 doors.

Pr. Pye: 12-3 pm: Mme. Pye will meet you at the Learning Center windows near her dismissal area.

Pr. Ponce: 12-3pm: Mme Ponce will meet you at her classroom window.

Pr. Young:9-12 noon: Ms. Young will meet you at her classroom window.


Thursday, June 11

Gr.1 Kraitzek: 9-12pm Gr. 1 Line up door (side between both buildings)

Gr. 1 Sangster: 12-3pm:Gr. 1 Line up door (side between both buildings)

Gr.1 Notman: 9-12 noon Gr.2 Line Up Door (by ditch)

Gr. 1  Spurrell: 12-3pm Gr.2 Line Up Door (by ditch)

Gr.1 Leader: 9-12 noon Front Doors

Gr. 1 Comeau 9-12 noon Music Room Window


Friday, June 12

Gr. 2 Snider: 9-12 noon Front Doors

Gr. 2 Tekamp/Tolliver:9-12 noon Gr. 2 Line Up doors

Gr.2 Casey: 12-3pm Front Doors

Gr. 2 Gillis/Knobl: 12-3pm Gr. 2 Line Up doors

Gr.2 Hickey: 9-12 Noon-Music Room window

Gr. 2 Vallis: 12-3pm Music Room window

Gr. 2 Sinclair: 9-12pm Grade 1 Line Up Doors between Sr. and Jr. Buildings