Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Jr Elementary



BLT Jr. /Sr. PTC –Playground Update

Our tender was successful and we have reached a design agreement and signed a contract with Playpower for our new playground. Of the submissions we received this one -by far - gave us the most equipment and came closest to our previous design preferences. It doesn’t have everything we would have liked, but it’s darn good. I have attached the most recent graphic rendering, I hope you’re as excited about it as we are. A few things to consider, the colour of the surfacing in the image is not exact. It’s going to be green but brighter than depicted. The larger area will replace the existing playground, and is on rubberized surface. Though you don’t see the fencing which will be reinstalled following construction, the smaller area in the graphic is where the jeep etc (jr side) and old monkey bars (Sr. side) are currently. The two rafting swings will be for senior building, while the three Spring Riders and plastic Dinosaur climber will be for the junior building.  The dinosaur is depicted as beige but will actually be a bright green, likely similar to the slides More detailed descriptions will be coming!

We were anticipating that the building would proceed as soon as they were able since there are no students at the school. So keep your fingers crossed that come spring, we’re still good to go. Worst case scenario would be a delay though, not a cancellation. The contract has been signed. So, yahooooo!

Take care friends,